Micro-hospitals, also known as neighborhood or community hospitals, have become a major part of the health care conversation in the last decade. In short, they are fully licensed hospitals that operate 24/7 in a fraction of the space of traditional acute care hospitals. They are equipped to respond to almost any medical issue, including those requiring critical care. While all micro-hospitals have a core set of services, the sites are also highly customizable, which allows organizations to adapt them to their target markets.

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Top Strategic Uses

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What We Do

Covider Health can provide you management services with a high return on investment that requires minimal support from your existing resources. We are the micro-hospital experts and can help you implement a successful long-term strategy that will guarantee you more access points, greater market share, greater profitability and a higher quality of care.

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Micro-hospitals are not just small versions of larger hospitals. The model is innovative and challenges you to rethink virtually every aspect of your business. Overlaying big hospital practices without careful consideration can lead to failure. Throughout their careers, the Covider team has experience opening, operating, and/or optimizing dozens of micro-hospitals throughout the county, with most achieving best-in-class patient satisfaction and positive cashflow within the first year. With minimal burden to your current staff, we can quickly and effectively execute on your micro-hospital strategy with guaranteed success.